Have you been to Constitution Hill?” This was the question we had constantly been hearing over six years every time we came visiting? This time, despite the birth of a little grandson and all the paraphernalia that came along with him, we decided that we had to climb the ‘Hill’, as it were, if onlyContinue reading “CONSTITUTION HILL, JOHANNESBURG – THE HORRIFIC PAST”

Crabtree and Evelyn – A Tea Room with a Heart!

    It was like a breakfast dream come true – or was it brunch, as my friend, Shobha, and I sauntered into Crabtree and Evelyn, a cosy little tearoom that looked as if it had been transported from England, replete with blue china and a menu that belonged there. The specials were on aContinue reading “Crabtree and Evelyn – A Tea Room with a Heart!”

The Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant

“Black Horse Brewery… I’ve heard good things about it!” One comment from our daughter, Priyanka, and we were ready to go. The lineage was hard to miss… the story began way back in 2012 when the Brewery and Brew Pub threw its doors open to enthusiastic customers milling to taste their ‘Black Horse’ beer, aptlyContinue reading “The Black Horse Brewery and Restaurant”

The Waves, the Sand and the Enchantment – Cherai Beach Resorts

As we drove into the Cherai Beach Resorts, the waves crashing in the background, a feeling of serenity accompanied us into the lobby. The decor was, perhaps, a trifle underdone, but the property itself was housed in the midst of lush greenery dotted with pools, winding paths, disused boats, awe-inspiring trees with roots hanging allContinue reading “The Waves, the Sand and the Enchantment – Cherai Beach Resorts”


Picturesque little villages have a history of their own that can quite astound you. As you drive along the length of Kerala, every turn brings with it a scene that is picture perfect. Whether it is a little stream with the typical red-tiled building, or a bridge across turbulent waters, a rustic thatch house flankedContinue reading “THE ENAMAVU – CHETTUVA EXPERIENCE”